A New (Humble) Swagger

Once in a while, you are allowed to be inspired by your own self. Looking back at my old blogs that have seen many reincarnations, I became inspired by what I had written and what I was inspired by back then. Lately, it seems I’ve been thinking too much instead of just writing. As I read through my blogs, I have realized that I’ve been blogging for quite a while, about five years. There has been the original and now this newer version of the Humble Swagger, which bookends the Playboy magazine inspired blogs, Playboy and Me and The Bunny Project. Now is the time to bring everything together. Everything that inspires me (and that definitely includes Playboy) will come together to create this new space of a Humble Swagger. I’ve learned that is important to always be inspired and don’t be afraid to share that inspiration with others. 

Remember to always keep humble and keep your swagger!


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